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This guide presents the basic steps of using IphotoDVD to create a video. More detailed information can be found from the corresponding links.

Step 1: Create a new project
Click the   to create a new project. More...

Step 2: Add photos

Check "Image" from Image/Audio Transform, click "Add" from the "Editorial Shortcuts" ,search and select the wanted photo or photos, then click "Open", then repeat until  all the wanted photos are added. More...

Step 3: Select transition effects
Select the transition style from 'Transition Effect List" for each photo by clicking the photo then the desired transition style. The default is no effect. Refer to the screenshot below. More...


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Transition Effect List



Step 4: Add background music

Check "Audio" from Image/Audio Transform, click "Add" from the "Editorial Shortcuts", search and select the wanted audio, then click "Open" from the above window, then repeat until all the wanted audio are added. More...

Step 5: Make the MPEG file

Now you are ready to create the MPEG file which can be burned into DVD/SVCD/VCD. Click the button to open a 'Ready For Conversion' form. In this form, you need to determine the output file name and select the output video system type before clicking 'Ok' to start the conversion. More...


You can use Microsoft MediaPlayer, WinDVD, PowerDVD to play the MPEG file on your PC.

Step 6: Burn the MPEG file to CD
Of course, you might want to watch your photo show on a VideoCD or DVD player, Burning Software will be needed, e.x. VideoPak or Nero. This feature will be integrated to IphotoDVD soon. For this moment, please contact the manufacturer of your CDR/DVDR for detailed information on burning.




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