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There are 5 steps to generate a DVD from mpeg files

.ADD the Mpeg files to DVDBuilder.

The above picture is the main form of DVDBuilder.

Click the button 'Add' (marked with ) to add the mpeg files you generated using IphotoDVD or iMpeg Converter

2.Set the display picture and title of each mpeg file.

Having added the mpeg files, you click on the button 'Properties'( marked with ) to show the form, adjust track bar and click button 'Set' (marked with )  to choose the display thumbnail picture/frame of the mpeg file on the future's menu interface.

Then Click on the button 'Next' (marked with )  to design the menu interface of DVD

3.Design the menu interface of DVD

   a. the layout of your DVD

Click on the button 'Layout' to make sure you check/uncheck the Header Line and Footer Line.

   b. set the background

Click on the button 'Background' to choose the menu background picture and background color.

c. set the text

Click on the button 'Text' to fill the Header and Footer text. 

Then click the button 'Next' (marked with )  in the menu design interface.

4.Set the DVD structure files directory and build DVD structure files

Fill the DVD output path (marked with ). It should be an empty directory.
Click the button 'Build' to create DVD files, it will generate 2 directories: 'AUDIO_TS'(empty) & VIDEO_TS (includes  .bup, .ifo, .vob files)

5.Burn the DVD file to CD-ROM

Burn the struture files sub directory 'AUDIO_TS'(empty) & VIDEO_TS (includes  .bup, .ifo, .vob files) to DVD Rom.

You can use some freewares to do this, such as

We recommend you use NERO (It always bundle with your DVD-ReWriter.
Run NERO Startsmart.

a. Choose 'DVD', click on 'Make Data Disc'.

b. ADD the 2 sub directories (Where we stored the DVD structure files). 

then click button 'Next' to

c. Burn DVD files

Insert the blank DVD-R/+R disk to your DVD-Writer then click the button 'Burn' (marked with ) to burn the DVD file to DVD-ROM


you have made your photo slide show DVD.



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