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Help->Know More->User Interface - Add Mpeg Files

Main Menu

Main Menu is found right below the software title - DVDBuilder

The Main Menu is composed of  vertical buttons, horizontal buttons                

  1. Horizontal Buttons
  • Click "New" to open a new project (*.dbp)
    It is where you can set NTSC/PAL mode, and screen aspect rate: 4:3 or 16:9

  • Click "Open" to open an existing project(*.dbp)

  • Click "Save Project" to save a project(*.dbp)

  • Click "About" to get the version information

  • Click "Next" to go to the next user interface-Select Menu Style

  1. Vertical Buttons

  •  Click "Add" to add a mpeg file

  • Click "Remove" to remove a mpeg file

  • Click "Properties" to set the thumbnail of a mpeg file displayed on DVD menu

  • Click "Play" to view the mpeg file



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