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Help->Know More->Manage Audio

Audio can be managed when "Audio" is checked from Image/Audio Transform

  • Add Audio
  1. IphotoDVD support both WAV and MP3 formats

  2. Click "Add" from the "Editorial Shortcuts" to launch the following window


  1. Search and select the wanted audio, then click "Open" from the above window

  2. Repeat Step 2 and 3 to import all the wanted audio

  3. Audio can be also added by Open an existing project.


  • Remove Audio
  1. Click "Remove" from the "Editorial Shortcuts" to remove the selected Audio

  2. Click "Clear" from the "Editorial Shortcuts" to remove all the audio without selection


  • Play Audio

  1. Choose audio by clicking the audio file


  1. Click "Play" from the "Editorial Shortcuts" and be sure your microphone is ready

  2. Move "Volume Justifier" to justify the volume

  3. Click "Stop" if do not want to proceed


  • Rounded Rectangular Callout: Volume Justifier
Convert Audio to a Video Show

When audio is selected, the conversion is the same as converting photos.



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